The Editing workstation: from good to better

The Editing workstation is a place where some magic happens: journalists / animators access their audio files and proceed with editing to improve the overall quality or consistency of the file. 

Bottomline? Besides the content, the audio quality has to be neat and clear for listeners, especially when the file features surrounding noise or atmosphere sounds that were captured on purpose, but that eventually may cloud the overall audio rendering. 

The editing workstation enables the journalist to enhance the audio quality, among others. To that end, audio professionals will need a sound card that meets their requirements: meet the ALP222e, your magic wand for a better sound.

The solution 

Over the years, Digigram sound cards have earned quite a reputation for broadcast applications. We are really proud to feature ALP222e as part of our refreshed ALP-X sound cards range. 

  • ALP222e for the journalist / animators workstation allows up to 2 mono lines and 1 AES3 stereo for inputs and outputs.
  • The card fits with any sound production softwares 
  • (additional tech benefits here in terms of “cleaning” the audio file for better quality”

Benefits of the solution

ALPX range:

High quality audio


Scalable and agile to meet broadcasters’ specific needs

Simple to deploy and use

Headphone output (jack 3.5mm) 

Learn more

ALP 222e product page

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