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IQOYA CONNECT – Remote broadcasting made easy.



IQOYA CONNECT is a powerful and intuitive solution designed to ease remote broadcasts for both journalists and technicians. Thanks to IQOYA CONNECT, establishing reliable high quality audio connections over the Internet between the field and the studios will no longer be a hassle. In particular, Journalists are released from technical stuff and can focus entirely on content production.

All forms of remote broadcasting via the internet:

  • Street/Mobile interviews
  • Outside live shows
  • Sport commentaries
  • Remote studios
  • SSL
  • Intercom applications

At a glance

IQOYA CONNECT is a Web Platform and a Connection Service:

The Connection Service is responsible for establishing broadcast quality communications between IP codecs through our audio over IP infrastructure. We have design our own audio over IP infrastructure in order to supply our customers with reliable, high-quality audio, and secure communications and to enable interoperability with third party codecs.

The Web platform allows technicians to prepare the remote broadcasts and then to have visibility and means of action from anywhere during the operations. It also allows journalists to define their personal audio settings and retrieve them on the Digigram codec which is made available to them at the time of the event, wherever they are.

Key features

For Technicians:

  • View and manage your codec fleet
  • Provision field codec configurations for journalists and reporters in the field
  • Monitor codecs and communications in real time
  • Take full remote control of on-field codecs (Premium plan)
  • View network metrics of ongoing and past communications

For Journalists:

  • Set their personal audio preferences
  • Retrieve them anywhere and whatever the Digigram codec


  • Free up to 2 links
  • Firmware update for IQOYA TALK, IQOYA X/LINK range, and IQOYA SERV/LINK range




For Technicians:

  • Prepare remote broadcasts far before the live pressure.
  • See what’s going on and act from anywhere.
  • Reliability:
    • Highly available connection service,
    • Resilient communications.
  • Safe and secure: 
    • Audio stream sources are authentified: you control what goes on air.
    • Journalists can only connect to the right destination.
  • Very visual and intuitive web interface.
  • For Journalists:
  • Never alone on the field: 
    • Journalists can request for remote assistance at anytime.
    • Technicians can take full control of the portable codec.
  • Journalists share codecs without losing their personal audio preferences.
  • Journalists can focus on their job: create content.

For Broadcasters:

  • Save money: 
    • Journalists share field codecs.
    • No need to send a Technician on every remote broadcast.
    • No need to design, install and maintain your own audio aver IP infrastructure.
  • Flexibility regarding remote broadcast management