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IQOYA-X/LINK-LE – Stereo IP Audio Codec

IQOYA X/LINK-LE is a 1U rack streamlined IP audio codec designed for live remote broadcasting and program distribution over IP. It is a perfect fit for delivering a stereo source (or two mono sources) over IP networks for STL & SSL link, DVB audio, WEB radio and also for full-duplex live remote broadcasts.

IQOYA X/LINK-LE benefits from all the major features of X/LINK but comes at a lower price point. It can be used in legacy analog or AES/EBU audio environments, as well as in full-IP audio infrastructures (AES67, Ravenna, Livewire), making it a good investment for the migration to IP audio. Like all the IQOYA products, X/LINK-LE is based on Fluid IP, the Digigram technology for reliable and resilient audio transmission over all types of IP networks including inexpensive unmanaged IP networks. Based on low consumption and fanless powerful hardware platform, IQOYA X/LINK-LE is designed for 24/7/365 use.



key points

  • Cost-effective solution with essential features, and no compromises on reliability
  • Adapted to legacy audio infrastructures and full-IP audio infrastructures
  • EBU/ACIP compliance for interoperability with third-party codecs and any SIP infrastructure
  • Multiple levels of redundancy for audio service continuity and failsafe operation: 2 power supply units, 4 network ports with stream redundancy, audio failovers, audio hardware by-pass, and 1+1 hot device redundancy
  • Control and configuration via SNMP and Web services for easy integration with codec and network management/monitoring systems