Broadcasting from the field: sport commentaries

By experience, you know how fast it goes: the unexpected goal scored during a soccer game, the last race lap, the game, set and match during the Open finals. How to capture the live moment of the sports events and their emotions, then broadcast pristine audio quality and zero stress, techwise? We might have the solution: focus on the momentum, we’ll take care of the tech aspects. Talkback channels for off-air coordination ? Yes, we have you covered too.  

Focusing on the moment is paramount to report a live sport event, especially held outdoors. 

Accurately and timely reporting on how the game unfolds under your eyes is as important as rendering the overall atmosphere within the arena. That is a lot to concentrate on, plus count on surrounding clamor, tumult, chanting or even roars to add up to your environment. 

Worry not about your equipment: we have your back with sturdy, reliable, secure solutions that will dramatically ease your day. Pristine audio, easy configuration, one click features. There you go.

The solution / Workflow


IQOYA TALK is our portable codec that will rapidly turn into your work buddy. Sturdy hardware in a compact frame, 2 hot swappable batteries enable you to last on air as long as the event goes. Your favorite settings are saved already, you will retrieve your familiar work environment in an eye blink thanks to its user friendly, smartphone like interface. Regardless of how remote the venue or location is, IQOYA TALK has plenty of connections (5 to be exact) to ensure a smooth live broadcasting, plus the Dual Streaming feature ensures that nothing can stop you from reporting! Having guests while commenting ? They are welcome to join and weigh in live: plug and chat! 

Have we mentioned that all your lively commentaries will be streamed as high quality audio? This is Digigram’s signature feature that we are immensely proud to duplicate on all our devices. Your audience, no matter how rumbling the environment is, will hear you loud and clear. 

Of course you are never alone in the field and IQOYA TALK interfaces with an IQOYA X/LINK set in the studio thanks to the IQOYA CONNECT service. This winning combo ensures that your live commentaries perfectly lands where it should. 

IQOYA CONNECT ensures that your studio technician has an eye on the codec fleet and can remotely monitor them if needed.

Why you want it

Autoconfiguration features of IQOYA CONNECT make installation easier than ever

As always, pristine audio quality

Reliable and secure connections over the internet thanks to IQOYA CONNECT connection service

Real time monitoring of the devices and the connections from anywhere

Remote control from anywhere

Learn more

IQOYA TALK product page

IQOYA X/LINK product page

IQOYA CONNECT product page

A sports retrospective with Digigram

A journey of a world-class solution that overcame all challenges in international remote broadcasting

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