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Outside broadcasting management

The Challenge

Your engineers approach you looking for a simple solution to securely manage a fleet of multiple outside broadcasting codecs. As CTO, you ask your radio station’s infrastructure buyer to be on the lookout for something that is simple and elegant to use; that can access, control and reconfigure outside broadcast codecs from anytime and anywhere; that will increase efficiency and productivity; that is cost-effective; and that will provide the station with new agility to meet changing outside broadcasting requirements.

The Solution

Digigram Codec fleet manager and SIP infrastructure


Components: IQOYA *CLOUD

IQOYA *CLOUD is the innovative new AoIP codec fleet manager web-based application that enables authorized users to configure structured contact settings and simultaneously control and monitor the IP streams across an entire fleet of IP codecs. Hosted privately on any virtual machine, or operated as SaaS in the cloud, IQOYA *CLOUD includes a strongly secured SIP infrastructure. The application can be accessed from anywhere at any time through the web browsers of any Internet-connected device including PCs, laptops, and smartphones. In addition to real time control of IP audio streams, the application automatically synchronizes phone books, connection profiles, and groups of ‘favorite’ codecs to dramatically simplify deployment and day-to-day operation of a full codec fleet.


  • Turnkey solution: secure critical IP audio transmissions through integrated SIP infrastructure and robust management system
  • Easy deployment: of broadcast-dedicated cloud-enabled IP solution with zero development cost
  • Minimize operating costs and increase productivity: through live control and real-time monitoring of fleet status with unified administrative tool for MCR applications
  • Access everywhere: benefit from MCR cloud-enabled functionality with web access from any location at any time
  • Lower OPEX: with centralized codec management including SIP broadcast infrastructure on any privately hosted virtual machine or operated as SaaS in the cloud
  • Maximize high quality, safe transmission of mission-critical broadcasts: through real-time monitoring of codecs, secure SIP infrastructure and direct control of IP streams between codecs
  • Fully compatible: with all ACIP compliant third-parties codecs

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