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Outside broadcasting management

The Challenge

Your engineers approach you looking for a simple solution to securely manage a fleet of multiple outside broadcasting codecs. As CTO, you ask your radio station’s infrastructure buyer to be on the lookout for something that is simple and versatile to use; that can access, control and reconfigure outside broadcast codecs from anytime and anywhere; that will increase efficiency and productivity; that is cost-effective; and that will provide the station with new agility to meet changing outside broadcasting requirements.

The Solution

Digigram Codec fleet manager and SIP infrastructure

Components: Our remote broadcasting products



One simple way to connect to the station whatever the IP codec used by the journalist
One click call – Broadcast in 2 clicks


ONE solution addressing each use case: Sports commentary, street interview, remote VIP
interview, small and large outside broadcasts, …


A reliable and secure SIP infrastructure for service continuity and protection against cyber


Low latency
Redundant and adaptive audio streaming with Fluid IP
High audio quality


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