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Master control room

Inbound audio streams from outside broadcasting and internal studios 

The challenge

You are the infrastructure buyer for a cutting-edge regional independent radio station. Daily, your station DJ, assisted by a small team of broadcast and production engineers, must juggle daunting, critical, multiple tasks:

For the first three hours every day, the DJ conducts in-studio breakfast interviews; every 15 minutes throughout the interview, engineers must orchestrate cut-aways to the local national meteorological service located 20 km away  for live weather forecasts, and simultaneously add a remote reporter for live traffic coverage.

Engineers must then cut back to the live in-studio interview –interspersing all of this with news on the hour and half hour, music, jingles, and revenue-critical advertisements. The daily routine can be interrupted: for example, in the middle of the breakfast program, a breaking news story forces an urgent cut-away to a handful of remote reporters for live mobile updates.

As the buyer, you know that to keep listeners from turning the dial to your competitors your studio must produce uninterrupted, always-high-quality transmissions while seamlessly mixing and fading between streams of audio content. You need full control of remote production, with full audio interface capabilities, driven by the deployment of the latest new technologies.

You require a fully integrated, cost-effective, and complete solution that is also easy to deploy and use.

To achieve the station’s objectives while also increasing innovative efficiency, the buyer integrates the following Digigram solutions into the studio’s workflows


The remote broadcasting codec Solution


Method: for your Internal Studio and the fixed weather studio, install one of the IP audio codec of the X/LINK range. Using IQOYA CONNECT App and its secure SIP infrastructure, your master control room operator accepts, controls and monitors all remote and local IP audio contribution streams, runs them through your routing matrix, and enables the DJ to easily access and mix the signal prior to transmission over your network.



Components: IQOYA *SERV/LINK 1U

Method: this Digigram component encodes the mixed audio signal, compresses it, and reliably transmits it from to your studio to your external studios, while strictly respecting the integrity of your precious Dolby E or other meta-data related to audio streams distribution points (FM transmitters, web radio streaming, satellite, cable, and others).


The benefits 

  • High quality: Digigram solutions ensure the highest sound quality of IP audio streams along any point in the broadcasting process. IQOYA SERV/LINK range even  provides perfect bit transparency, ensuring for example the complete integrity of your Dolby E metadata between your studios.
  • Low latency: from the very beginning, Digigram has been heavily involved in developing compression and related IP transport and control technologies. These technologies ensure that your live broadcast is heard by listeners right now and as the action happens.
  • Reliable: all Digigram production solutions are designed to transmit IP signals reliably over almost any available broadcast channel. In-built redundancies work to ensure that your transmissions are always ready for broadcast.
  • Efficient and productive: easily manage up to 64 simultaneous streams of audio from a variety of in-studio, remote, and automated sources.
  • Perfectly matches your audio infrastructure,– from analog, AES/EBU, MADI to Audio-over-IP synchronous audio. ). Previous CAPEX investments are fully secure when you purchase Digigram production components.
    • SNMP Supervision for centralized, remote, efficient management : increase efficiency and productivity by viewing and managing all broadcast components with this simple-to-use solution.. Detect signal speeds – and failures – all across the system to optimize broadcast output.
  • Low TCO: low Total Cost of Ownership over the life of your solution makes Digigram components an economically wise choice.
  • Ongoing support: get support when you need it most. Digigram recognizes that your station needs to be up and running 24/7. Digigram and partner engineers are available when you need us most.

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