Remote Interview

The live interview and inherent challenges

We are all familiar with situations where the live radio guest is remote. Or late. Or stuck in traffic jams while getting to the studio. The result? A show with hiccups, interruptions and – cherry on the cake – an audio quality you’d rather forget about. What if you could sit back, relax, and conduct the live interview and record your guest with pristine sound – without the audience realizing that he or she is remote?

How it works

Forget the popular video apps to connect your guest: sound quality was not designed to fit live broadcast quality requirements (and it’s all right). Forget the complex software installation and equipment that your guest should have at hand to conduct that same interview. Forget traffic jams and the stress of rushing to the studio for an in-person interview. Instead, meet IQOYA GUEST. Our web codec turns any smartphone (your guest surely has one) or PC (same) into a professional audio codec, by just clicking on a link sent via text message (or chat, or email).
No installation. At. All.

No matter where your guest is: sitting at home or en route for the studio or airport. All they have to do is click on the displayed call button to connect, via the internet, to a codec located in a studio or in a booth at the radio station. Soundwise? high fidelity audio, no less.

Let’s spice it up: the guest’s audio feed can also directly reach the journalist’s portable codec wherever he/she is (at home or travelling, who said journalists must be sitting in the studio?):

… Or to the journalist’s IQOYA GUEST again wherever he/she is (at home or travelling).

The interview is automatically recorded in high quality audio, both locally and in the cloud as a backup. Interview participants are recorded separately for improved interview mix of audio channels.

The IQOYA CONNECT web platform will generate the connection link shared with the guest. Only ask your favorite tech or producer backstage to generate one and your guest is on air!

Benefits of the solution

The simplest solution for all parties

No installation, No configuration for the guest.

Digigram signature quality 

High fidelity audio and Low latency

IQOYA GUEST is the simplest and most versatile solution to conduct your interviews regardless of the location.

Learn more

IQOYA GUEST product page

IQOYA CONNECT product page

IQOYA GUEST Ebook – Your Guests’ Words matter

High Quality audio for remote learning & music auditions during COVID-19 distancing.

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