Stress-free transport your composite FM/MPX signal over an IP network.


IQOYA X/LINK-MPX is the 1U rack IP codec that will ease your life when transporting an FM-MPX composite signal over IP networks: powerful and reliable, you can lean on our codec for your operations.

Flexible for enlarged applications

Analog or Digital MPX over IP

Reliable IP transport with FECs

Plus dual streaming and adjustable jitter buffer: what else?

Transmission hiccup free

No service interruption ever thanks to 2 backup levels for decoding on transmitter sites (backup IP MPX stream, sound files /playlists on SDHC card)

µMPX compression for a low IP bitrate

From 320 to 576 kbps

Key features

Analog (BNC) and Digital (XLR) MPX Inputs and Ouputs

Optional µMPX compression

Dual streaming, FEC and 2 backup levels

4 Ethernet (management, AoIP on LAN, WAN streaming)



  • MPX
    2 analog inputs & outputs on BNC, max +15 dBu
    1 AES192 MPX input and output
  • Line audio
    2 analog inputs  & outputs, XLR, +24 dBu max
  • Network ports
    3 Gbps / 1 x 100 Mbps, RJ-45
  • Auxiliary data
    1 RS232 – 4 GPIOs


Technical specificities
  • Dual internal power supply units
  • Duplicated MPX outputs with independent levels adjustment for exciters redundancy
  • Return IP audio monitoring stream
  • Tunneling of auxiliary data
  • 2 backup MPX sources in decoding
    Backup sources are: MPX IP stream (compressed or uncompressed), MPX file stored on an SDHC card inserted from the front panel
  • Fanless, low consumption
  • Front panel LCD display and keypad
  • Front panel headphones (6.35mm female jack)
  • Front pane SDHC card reader


Transport your MPX signal and get a monitoring IP audio stream from your transmitter sites and get return monitoring audio streams from the transmitter sites.

Lower your CAPEX: no need for sound processors, RDS and stereo encoders at transmitter sites.

Easy integration into existing SNMP based supervisors (SET, GET, Traps)

Lower your OPEX: less power consumption, less space required, and less maintenance operations at transmitter sites.