Multichannel Sound Card with SRC

LoLa16161 AND LoLa16161-SRC

LoLa16161 and LoLa16161-SRC are the queens of radio broadcast applications. We have designed these PCI Express linear (PCM) multichannel stereo sound cards to excel with professional systems either Windows or Linux based that require up to four stereo AES/EBU input and output channels. Because we know that reliability is paramount for radio broadcast applications such as multichannel audio ingest, play-out, and production, LoLa cards come with ultra robust signature drivers that will deliver. LoLa881 and LoLa881-SRC are hands down the reference for professional audio workstations and their operators.


Keep calm and carry on. Our hardware and software are designed for 365/24/7 mission-critical applications.

Made for multi-channel digital recording.

Up to 5 synchronized cards in a workstation

Versatile and hands-on

Delivered with standard and robust audio drivers for Windows and Linux, don’t mind the adaptability: LoLa can be used with a large panel of audio applications.

Key features

Eight stereo AES3 I/Os

High quality hardware sample rate converters on all the inputs (LoLa16161-SRC)

External synchronization: AES11, Wordclock, Video sync

Support for Linux (Alsa), and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (WDM Kernel streaming, DirectSound, Wasapi, ASIO)



Low failure rate and high reliability

Low TCO & future-proofed

Ongoing product support

from Digigram and its Development Partners


Supported OS
Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, and Windows Server versions 2003 , 2008 , 2012, 2016, 2019


Drivers for Windows : WDM KS, WASAPI, DirectSound, ASIO

Drivers for Linux: Alsa


Bus/Format: USB 1.1, compatible 2.0

Size: 144 mm X 87 mm X 34 mm, Integrated 

Power consumption: 500 mA max

Operating: temp / humidity (non-condensing): 0°C / +50°C • 5% / 90%

Storage: temp / humidity (non-condensing): -5°C / +70°C • 0% / 95%


I/O connector : 26-pin SCSI MDR

    Audio I/Os


    Digital inputs (stereo): 8 AES3, 110 ohms, 32 kHz to 192 kHz. 

    Hardware sample rate converters (LoLa881-SRC) :  conversion ratio 16:1 to 1:16, from 20 kHz to 192 kHz, Dynamic: 144dB, THD+N: -140dB

    Other inputs : 

    • AES11 Sync (from 20KHz to 192 kHz) 
    • Word clock (up to 192 kHz), 
    • Video sync (PAL, NTSC, 32000 Hz – 192000 Hz)


    Digital outputs (stereo) : 8 AES3, 110 ohms, 32KHz to 192 kHz

    Other outputs : Word Clock (up to 192 kHz)

    • 8 female XLR’s for AES3 inputs
    • 8 male XLR’s for AES3 outputs
    • 1 female XLR for AES11 input
    • 3 BNC for wordclock input/output/Video Reference


    Sound cards

    Which Linux Distribution are supported by ALP sound cards ?

    ALP cards are supported under the following Linux distributions, from the mentioned versions:

    • Ubuntu:
         ver. 20.04 - kernel 5.15
         ver. 22.04 - kernel 6.5
    • Debian 11 - kernel 5.10
    • Debian 12 - kernel 6.1
    • RHEL 9 kernel 5.14

    In case you need to run the driver under another Linux distribution, please contact Digigram to get
    the source code. If  you experience issues for compiling / running the driver on your Linux distribution, we
    propose a service to provide you with the appropriate driver; please contact Digigram.

    My sound card is not detected by Windows

    Make sure that you downloaded the lasted driver on our website. Indeed, from time to time we have to make component updates that require a new driver.