Multichannel Sound Card


LoLa 280 is the queen of public address. We have designed this low profile PCI Express linear (PCM) multichannel sound card to excel at  professional audio recording. Our queen of PA accommodates both OEM and end user applications for any situation where reliability is paramount, with an extra user-friendly versatile built-in feature. Audio logging and archiving systems for radios or safety organizations work better with LoLa 280.


Keep calm and carry on. Our hardware and software are designed for 365/24/7 mission-critical applications.

Made for your multi-channel analog recording

AGC on all inputs, mix before recording, up to 5 synchronized cards in a workstations

One size fits all

LoLa 280 fits every situation and every PC. Low Profile card, delivered with a full-height and a half height bracket to fit any PC / server

Versatile and hands-on

Delivered with standard and robust audio drivers for Windows and Linux, don’t mind the adaptability: LoLa can be used with a large panel of audio applications

Key features

Eight balanced analog inputs

Two balanced analog outputs

Headphones outputs

Very low latency design



low failure rate and high reliability

Can be used in small form factor PCs and 2U servers (low profile)

Ongoing product support: from Digigram and its Development Partners


Supported OS / Environments
Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, and Windows Server versions 2003 , 2008 , 2012, 2016, 2019


Drivers for Windows : WDM KS, WASAPI, DirectSound, ASIO

Drivers for Linux: Alsa


Bus/Format: PCI EXPRESS TM (PCIe ® ) x1 (compatible x2, x4, x8, x16, x32)

Size: 168 mm x 69 mm x 20 mm

Power requirements (+3.3 V / +12 V): 1,2 A / 0,22 A

Operating: temp / humidity (non-condensing): 0°C / +50°C • 5% / 90%

Storage: temp / humidity (non-condensing): -5°C / +70°C • 0% / 95%


External connector: 50 pin SCSI

Sampling frequencies available: Programmable from 22,05 to 192 kHz

A/D and D/A converter resolution: 24 bits

Supported audio formats: PCM (16, 24, 32 bits, and 32 bits Float)

Audio I/Os


Analog line inputs (mono): 8 balanced

Maximum input level/impedance: +24 dBu / > 10 kOhms

Adjustable input gain (manager):

– analog: from –90 dB to +18 dB (max sensitivity: 0dbfs for +6dBu input signal)

– digital: from +18 dB to +36 dB

Other inputs: 1 standard Word Clock input (up to 192 kHz)



Analog line outputs (mono): 2 balanced

Maximum output level / impedance: +24 dBu / >100 ohms

Adjustable output gain (manager) analog:

from –48 dB to 0 dB. digital: from -110 dB to +12 dB

Other outputs: 

  • 1 standard Word Clock output (up to 192 kHz).  
  • Stereo headphones (20 mW in 600 ohms) on mini jack (female TRS 3,5 mm)
Audio Specifications
Frequency response
(record + play)
at 48 kHz: 20 76Hz -20 kHz: +0.1 /-0,3 dB
at 96 kHz: 20 Hz -40 kHz: +0.1 /-0,6 dB
at 192 kHz: 20 Hz -80 kHz: +0.1 /-5 dB
Channel phase difference: 20/20kHz <0.2°/2°
Dynamic range
Analog In: >100 dB
Analog Out: > 97 dB
THD + noise 1 kHz at –2 dBfs Analog In: <-97 dB
Analog Out: <-87 dB
(Analog in or out)
  1 kHz at 24 dBu: <-94 dB
15 kHz at 24 dBu: <-70 dB
  • 8 x female XLRs for analog inputs
  • 2 x male XLR’s for analog outputs
  • 1 x 3.5mm female TRS for headphones
  • 2 x BNC for Wordclock input and output