An effective Public Address system for train station network


SNCF, the French National Railways network (SNCF) decides to deploy a Public Address (PA) solution to manage both live and pre-recorded announcements across all 389 railway stations in the Paris area. Considering the scale of the projected system, the railway authorities need to activate the distant recording of audio messages from these stations, and they also look for remote centralized control of network audio devices. Additionally, they aim to control PA matrixes through RS232 and obtain PA matrixes statuses through GPI, for enhanced operational efficiency.


The main challenge here is to effectively cover the large scale of the SNCF network, with hundreds of stations scattered across Paris and beyond. Managing audio announcements and controlling PA matrixes remotely demands a reliable, robust, and user-friendly solution. Ensuring seamless communication with different devices while maintaining efficient control over RS232 and GPI
functionalities provides additional complexity.


Digigram’s PYKO audio solution has the right and appropriate features to address SNCF’s requirements effectively. The deployment of a PYKO-based network brings the following features and functionalities:

Robustness: PYKO provides a reliable and durable audio transmission system, ensuring high-quality announcements across the entire railway network.
Remote Control: With simple ASCII TCP commands, the SNCF can easily manage and control the network audio devices remotely, enabling efficient updates and scheduling of announcements.
RS232 and GPIO Tunneling: The solution facilitates remote control of equipment through RS232 and GPI, streamlining PA matrix management from a centralized location.
Unicast & Multicast Support: PYKO supports both unicast and multicast audio transmission, ensuring seamless broadcasting to specifically targeted stations or groups of stations.
The solutions deployed provide an efficient distant recording of audio, centralized control, and enabled seamless communication with PA matrixes through RS232 and GPI functionalities, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and improved passenger experience.
By implementing PYKO, SNCF is able to conduct streamlined audio management across its extensive railway network, larger than Paris.


  • A robust system built on hardware with a proven design
  • Designed to last
  • Daily operations and remote control made easy thanks to simple commands
  • Scalable system deployable on large areas