For 35+ years, Digigram has developed professional audio IP solutions to empower industries, emergency services and defense communications systems, as well as transportation networks. Our solutions designed for mission critical applications enable our customers to take their audio transmissions to the next level, ensuring the utmost efficiency, quality and reliability when it comes to safely and seamlessly accomplishing life depending missions.


Think aircraft, airport, aerial base station, and broadly aeronautical communications


Shore-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and ship-to-ship communications? There could be some Digigram critical audio solutions in each of these cases


Railway transportation networks face multiple safety and communications challenges, where critical audio communications systems are essential

Security & defense

Law enforcement, police and fire brigades, medical rescue and governmental agencies must be reliable, dependable, and ready for any challenge 24/7/365


When events happen across the globe, the news coverage is essential. Sharing the news 24/7/365 requires that critical audio solutions operate no matter what

Extreme industries