When events happen across the globe, the news coverage is essential. Sharing the news 24/7/365 requires that critical audio solutions operate no matter what. Teams on the field shall focus on their core job and be able to simply rely on their technological assets. Therefore, reliability, sturdiness, easy to operate devices and services are essential in the broadcast industry, on top of excellent audio quality.

For over 35+ years, we have pioneered in the acquisition, transportation, processing, and delivery of audio content. At the core of Digigram’s historical business were groundbreaking sound cards and hardware based on innovative systems, taking the radio and broadcast industries to a new level of technology – from analog to digital, from wired to networked systems, and today, market acclaimed cloud-based solutions.

But technological advance and expertise are meaningless when unrelated or irrelevant to market players’ needs:

  • our signature pristine audio quality is essential for delivering clear audio messages
  • the legendary reliability of our products enables our customers to operate their mission critical applications in full confidence
  • our ultra-low latency levels are key when time matters more than ever

What proved essential for broadcast is paramount for transportation, utilities, defense and safety critical markets.