High Quality audio for remote learning & music auditions


The Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, USA; wishes to implement a solution that would improve audio quality during online lessons, lectures, and music auditions due to the campus closure amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The unreliable audio quality provided by average solutions and platforms widely available on the market does not meet the school’s standards, and a more robust solution is required to deliver a premium online learning experience.


Professor Thomas Kikta, Chair of Contemporary Music Media and Jazz at Duquesne University, is tasked with this project and has to face several challenges: within a limited timeframe, he needs to identify a reliable, high-end audio solution that will elevate the quality of online classes and auditions to meet the school’s ambitious standards. Choosing a provider and selecting the right solution is crucial as remote learning is about to start, and the school aims to maintain its high standards of excellence, which is a critical factor for students


After consulting with experts from Synthax, Professor Kikta selects Digigram’s flagship audio gateway, IQOYA SERV/LINK, renowned for its unparalleled audio quality and designed specifically for live remote broadcasting over IP networks. This flexible 19-inch rack device provides real-time, exceptional audio quality, allowing the music school to continue offering online lessons, classes, and auditions with confidence. With its ability to handle up to 64 input/output channels, compatibility with various audio formats, and user-friendly interface, IQOYA SERV/LINK is the ideal solution for Duquesne University’s music students.

In summary, thanks to Digigram’s easy-to-use and reliable audio gateway technology, the university is able to elevate the quality of online lessons and auditions, regardless of the circumstances, hence ensuring uninterrupted audio performance and providing a superior online learning experience for both students and teachers.