IP Audio for Communications between Control Centers and Aircraft


As an aircraft manufacturer, ensuring reliable and efficient communication between flight tests control centers and aircraft is critical for flight safety and operational efficiency. VHF radios are used for ground-to-air communications, and they are deployed in several areas to cover the flight path. Therefore, there is a need for an advanced solution that can leverage IP audio technology to establish full-duplex, low-latency, and reliable communications between control centers and aircraft all along the flight, while meeting the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.


The aviation industry presents unique challenges for IP audio communication solutions. Firstly, the solution must be capable of establishing full-duplex audio communication with extra low latency to enable real-time coordination and information exchange between flight test engineers and test pilots in the aircraft. Secondly, it must provide high reliability to ensure continuous and uninterrupted communication, even in challenging environments. Thirdly, the solution must support remote control of VHF radios, allowing for seamless push-to-talk functionality and management of transmission channels. Additionally, the solution must be able to connect with various audio systems used in control centers, including analog, digital, or AES67 inputs, to provide flexibility and compatibility. Lastly, the solution must comply with strict cybersecurity requirements to ensure data protection and communication security.


Digigram first deploys consulting services to help narrowing down the customer’s needs and provide accurate solution proposals. Once this phase is completed, Digigram’s IQOYA X/LINK-LE IP audio gateway has been identified as the ideal solution to address these challenges. The IQOYA X/LINK-LE is a powerful audio over IP gateway that offers advanced features specifically designed for aviation applications. It provides 2 input/output channels that can be connected in analog, digital AES/EBU, or AES67, allowing for seamless integration with existing or legacy audio systems used in control centers. The in-band tunneling of triggers and serial data enables remote control of VHF radios, allowing for easy establishment and closure of full-duplex communications via a web service API.

Moreover, the IQOYA X/LINK-LE offers multiple audio compression formats and bit rates, allowing for customization of audio quality, bit rate, and latency based on the specific requirements of the network and audio quality. This ensures that the solution can adapt to the diverse needs of different aviation scenarios, from routine communications to emergency situations.

Furthermore, Digigram has undertaken to meticulously improve the IQOYA X/LINK-LE solution to meet the stringent cybersecurity requirements of the aviation industry. The solution undergoes rigorous security testing to ensure the highest level of data protection and communication security, providing peace of mind for aircraft manufacturers and operators.

By implementing the IQOYA X/LINK-LE IP audio gateway, aircraft manufacturers can benefit from a reliable, efficient, and secure communication solution that enhances flight safety, operational efficiency, and overall communication capabilities between control centers and aircraft. The solution provides advanced features, adaptability, and compliance with aviation industry standards, making it a trusted choice for modern aircraft communication systems.