OEM platform for audio processing


Kantar, a company specializing in audience measurement, needs to integrate audio watermarking processing into a hardware platform for radios. This platform should add watermarking to radio programs before transmission, allowing for audience measurement through small detectors worn by listeners. These devices detect the watermark in the radio program that is listened to, and can send feedback information to Kantar.


Kantar has several requirements to meet the needs of this specific project. First, the platform should be fanless, low-consumption and reliable, with high-quality analog and digital audio inputs and outputs, and sufficient processing power. Moreover, this Linux-operated platform operating system for easy integration should feature an internal process health monitoring. An additional requirement for the platform is that it needs to be open to developers, requiring close cooperation between the development teams of the two companies to evaluate feasibility, adapt processing power to software requirements, and support Kantar in integration and testing of their embedded software.
Considering a long-term project, Kantar has requested that the platform be produced during 7 years, with an additional warranty period of 5 years.


Digigram’s IQOYA X/LINK hardware platform provides the ideal foundation for the development of Kantar’s solution. IQOYA X/LINK is based on a multicore ARM processor that offers high reliability and long life. This platform supports analog and digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs, an Ethernet network interface, 8 GPIOs, and a serial port. Additionally, Digigram R&D and Support teams have worked closely with Kantar’s to provide the necessary support and documentation for the development of their software under Linux running on the ARM processor. This global solution conducted under project management principles and smooth collaboration perfectly matches Kantar’s initial requirements for reduced development costs, optimized time-to-market, and an extremely reliable and powerful audio watermarking product.


  • smart and cost-effective customization and integration of robust hardware
  • reduced development time and time-to-market thanks to smart choice of hardware
  • smooth teamwork and interactions between Digigram and Kantar staff to effectively and seamlessly implement the solution
  • powerful hardware solution with proven track record for utmost reliability
  • Technical and sales support on the long haul to sustain Kantar’s operating of the solution